What's with the 1990's style website?

Just two weeks before the Midwest Reprap Festival my web host company of over 10 years decided to disapear. I guess I should have moved up backing up the website higher on my todo list. This is just a quickly built replacement that I plan on improving after the MRRF.

What is Pattern to Print?

It's just a stage name for my 3D print hobby. I chose the name because one of the things I like to do is take scroll saw wood patterns and convert them to 3d prints. What it is not is a business, 3D printing is purely a hobby for me.

Media coverage

2016 Midwest Reprap Festival

Hackaday MRRF: 3D Printed 2D Paintings

Filament Friday Youtube Chanel Filament Friday #60 - Scroll Saw Corner Shelf Plan 3D Printed on MAKERFRONT

Encore magazine article about the effort to bring a makerspace to Kalamazoo that I am involved with.
Making a Makerspace

Dome clock coverage from 2015 Midwest Reprap Festival

3dprint.com Michigan Man 3D Prints a 4-Foot-Tall Dome Clock and It’s Incredible

3ders Jason Preuss shows off his amazing and gigantic 3D printed dome clock

Make Magazine Wacky and World-Class New 3D Printers at Midwest RepRap Fest

Hackaday MRRF: (not quite) Chocolate Clock

Contact and Social Media

Email: patternstoprints@gmail.com (yes it is patterns, not pattern)

Thingiverse Page: JMP

Twitter: @patterntoprint

Personal Linkedin: Jason Preuss